There is nothing more frustrating than draining your bank account on car repairs. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to learn how to fix their automobile and others do not have the patience or the access to tools. Below you’ll find 3 DIY tricks that anyone can perform that will save them money!

1. Change your air filter

Do not panic! This might sound complex, but we promise you, it is extremely simple. A new air filter will only cost you about $10, and it will keep every other part of your engine running longer! Installation varies from car to car so be sure to check your manual. Often you simply have to pop your hood, unlatch the box that contains your air filter, pull out the old one, put in the new one, re-latch the box, close your hood, and you are good to go. For $10 and two minutes of your time you are delaying costly trips to the auto mechanic later.

2. Clean your hazy headlight lenses.

Your headlights are the only thing keeping you between the lines when driving at night. Drivers always want their headlights to provide as much vision as possible. Headlights are expensive though, and often you do not need new headlights, you need to clean the plastic cover for your headlight. Head down to your local automotive shop and pick up a restoration kit. These will usually consist of a cloth and a special liquid. Simply apply the liquid and rub it down. Immediately you should see results while only spending a fraction of the money.

3. Fix a chipped windshield.

Replacing your full windshield is very expensive. If all you have a chip or small crack, you can fix it and save hundreds of dollars. A windshield repair kit will cost you anywhere from $8-$15 and they are easy to use. You stick the device on the chip and it forms a seal. Then a vacuum contraction applies resin around the seal. This stops the windshield from cracking further, and adds months to the life of your windshield. It only takes about an hour to do, and most of that time is spent waiting!

Use these tips to keep more money in your wallet instead of the mechanics!