Although The most straightforward way of saving on car fuel is buying cheaper petrol and diesel, there is a lot that a car owner can do to cut down on fuel costs. If you are tired of spending too much on fuel, follow these tips while driving.

1. Stay aerodynamic

Wind resistance is known to increase a vehicle’s fuel utilization. Therefore, consider keeping your windows shut especially when driving at a high speed. Also, remove the boxes and roof cracks when not in use. Excluding a roof-top load can save up to 20 percent of fuel through the year.

2. Sensible driving

Pay attention to the road ahead, and be sure to anticipate the actions of the other drivers on the road as well as the potential dangers. The less the acceleration and braking instances, the less the fuel you will use. For instance, you ought to ride smoothly in intense traffic. If you choose to drive fast, you are likely to catch up the car in front of you, and eventually you will be forced to brake instantly.

3. Slow down

Decreasing your speed from 80mph to 70mph might save you up to 25 percent in fuel consumption. When on smaller roads, slowing from 70mph to 60mph will save you another 10 percent of fuel. You can try this tip.

4. Look after the wheels

Well maintained wheels are important in ensuring economical and safe driving. Always check The tire pressure often and every time before embarking on a long journey. Correctly inflated wheels have been found to improve fuel consumption by at least two percent.

5. Regular maintenance

Cars which are not in proper working condition tend to consume more fuel than those which are working optimally. You ought to take your car for periodic servicing to maintain its efficiency. You also need to ensure you use the correct engine oil.